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Mutlu Yilmazer

Artist from Germany

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About the artist Mutlu Yilmazer

Mutlu Yılmazer is a multifaceted artist immersed in the realms of experimentation and exploration. His artistic journey spans across various domains—Ebru artist, Ney player, composer, and beyond. His artistic endeavors transcend conventional boundaries, manifesting in hundreds of aesthetically captivating images and unconventional musical compositions. Mutlu's art challenges observers to explore deeper dimensions of comprehension and emotion, often evoking indescribable feelings through his Ebru creations. Yılmazer's artistry is manifested in multidimensional abstract forms, particularly focusing on creating rose-like shapes without controlled physical manipulation. These abstract wonders invite viewers to perceive them with a touch of pareidolia, encouraging diverse interpretations. Each stroke across the aqueous canvas echoes the harmonies of ancient traditions and contemporary expressions. I invite viewers into a realm where the boundaries between intention and chance blur, challenging perceptions of authorship and creation. My artistic odyssey continues as I endeavor to unravel the mysteries within the mesmerizing dance of water, delving deeper into the intricate dialogue between the artist's intent and the serendipitous whims of fluidity.

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Despite honoring traditional techniques, Yılmazer explores unorthodox approaches, aiming to minimize physical influence while amplifying mental and intellectual orchestration in the artistic process


2 October 2016 - 18 November 2016: Art exhibition "Dance of Colours" Sennestadtverein, Bielefeld 11 January 2018 - 20 February 2018: Art exhibition "Forms of Formlessness"; District Office Jöllenbeck, Bielefeld 2018-2022: Art exhibition in the Univarza Bielefeld restaurant and in the International Office of Bielefeld University Since March 2020: Art exhibition "Screenshots of Waves", Klinikum Lippe Detmold 28 June - 26 August 2022: Exhibition: "Colours of Sound" at LVHS Freckenhorst


Traditional Ebru certificate levels 1-2 Rotterdam Rumi Art Institute

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