Artist Mihail Gec

Mihail Gec

Artist from Ukraine

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 March 23rd, 2019

About the artist Mihail Gec

Since 1986,he has participated in regional,national and international exhibitions.From 2013 ,he is a member of theUnion of Artist of Ukraine.I live andcreate in the city of Kharkiv Ukraine.Favorite types of art are painting easel unigue graphics,book illustrations.More than 5000 portraits made in different technigues (pastel,oil paints,pencil) and styles (realism,hyperrealism,monumental-decoration) are in private collections in Ukraine,Russia,USA,Germany etc.Painting author's impressionistic and often expressive,multi-layered complex texture and rich in color.l love to depict a face as a mirror of time, a naked woman as a riddle of nature,sexuality,harmony ,beauty,feelings are the main things in my pictures.

Exhibitions of Mihail Gec

1986 personal "Portrait" HGHU 1995 Kiev All-Ukrainian 1999 Kyiv exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Repin 2001 Kharkov All-Ukrainian Christmas 2010Kiev All-Ukrainian for the 20th anniversary of Independence.Ukraine 2012 Kharkiv gallery "Kostyurinsky provulok" personal "Everything I love" 2013 Kiev All-Ukrainian book graphics 2016 Kharkov gallery "Slobozhanskaya" winner of the art competition "Nu" named after Z. Serebryakova 2016Kharkiv DH HONSHU" Malovnicha Ukraine" 2017 Kharkov gallery "Slobozhanskaya" 2018 Kharkiv House of Artists of Khonshu All-Ukrainian "Charivna ta Vіchna" 2018 Kharkiv anniversary all-Ukrainian for the 80th anniversary of HONSKHU 2018Irpin"Winter Irpin" 2019 Kharkiv international "Temple" of the "Red Hors" community 2019Kharkov group gallery "Stone Flower" 2019 Kharkiv all-Ukrainian "Charivna ta vіchna"

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Education of Mihail Gec

Education State Kharkov Art School,Kharkov Akademy of Desing and Art.Specialty Artist-teacher and artist of monumental-decorative painting.

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