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About the artist Mehdi Raad

Mehdi Raad is an independent artist working with wacom and computer for digital painting and digital collage. Born in 1984 in Iran . The artist belong to a new generation using a large diversity of media in order to encourage collecting through a new form of promotion and diffusion of contemporary art. «My goal is to transmit through my paintings, a sensory experience that transports the viewer to the place I explore and love. » «My work is an emotional response not only to my own past, present and future feelings but also to the natural environment surrounding me. My daily walks around the house and frequent trips provide a visual stimulation that ends up finding its way onto my papers and canvas. I work in an intuitive and throughout the process I explore surface, shape, color, texture, composition and mark making in order to articulate and form abstract images which express what I experience daily.

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2018 « Conceptual Art ». Tehran ,Iran 2016 «Adora Gallery ». Tehran , Iran


Mehdi Raad received his Bachelor's Degree from The University of Applied Science and Technology (UAST)in2015.speciality:Business Advertising Management

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