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Born in Shanghai in 1983, I live in Paris since 2000. As a full-time artist, I seek inspiration throughout the world but Paris is my main place of creation. Shanghai + Paris, two cities of light where life and creation are bubbling. Culture shock. The artist-observer seeks to understand his environment and his specificities. Shanghai, a city in full economic boom that is constantly changing. In spite of my doubts, I absorb the culture, the architecture and the art that are offered to me. Paris, by a game of mirror, helps me to analyze the questions that appeared to me when I was in China and to try to find a "truth". Photography allows me to record the inner world that hides behind moments of daily life of the inhabitants. It is also what nourishes my inspiration in painting. Figurative and abstract, my works are reflections of myself, which I hope help those who look at them reflect on their lives. Self-taught, I was trained by my father, an artist who has been creating and collecting art works for more than 30 years. His advice on technical issues and his reflections on art accompanied me with my first drawings of children to today, and he also passed on to me a new family technique: painting on animal skin. For me, the artist is a transmitter of perceptions. He must be able to accelerate the heartbeats or soothe the spectators, generate new sensations.

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Solo exhibition 5 june - 31 july 2017 Galerie New Image 31ter rue des Tournelles, 75003 Paris France Decembre 2016 Librairie Jousseaume - founded in 1826 Galerie Vivienne 75002 PARIS April 2017 Librairie Jousseaume - founded in 1826 Galerie Vivienne 75002 PARIS Collective exhibition January 2017 Galerie Monod 16, rue d’Ouessant 75015 Paris

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