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mauricio silerio

Artist from Mexico

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About the artist mauricio silerio

He works with ethereal concepts out of reality where he finds an infinite of possibilities where everything is probable and the lifetime depends of the real existence concept of the artist. The energy inside his artworks transform the smoke in a heartbeat of life. He uses techniques like painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography, photo-manipulation and digital art.

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Mauricio Silerio performed 82 solo exhibitions in Mexico, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Greece, Argel, South Africa, Moroco, Iran, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, China and USA. 69 collective exhibitions in several countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Spain, Holland, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Malaysia, Romania, South Korea, Portugal and United Arab Emirates.


He held several courses of painting, drawing, photography, engraving and sculpture.

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