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Hello, and welcome to my page! I'm a Ukrainian artist born and raised in the stunning capital city of Kyiv. My passion for art ignited in childhood, where I found myself endlessly sketching and painting anything that caught my eye. I honed my skills at an art school in Kyiv and later specialized in ceramics, glass, and refractories at a higher educational institution. But the artist in me never took a backseat; I continued to draw and create.Today, I'm thrilled to have showcased my work in exhibitions across Ukraine and Europe. My art has even found homes on other continents. My ultimate ambition is not just to be a celebrated Ukrainian artist but to achieve global recognition. I'm well on my way to realizing this dream, one brushstroke at a time.Thank you for visiting my page. I hope my works offer you the same joy and inspiration that I feel when creating them. Once again, thank you very much for your interest and support.

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1. Summer inspiration Výstava obrazov účastnovov 6. maliarskej expozie v Bojniciach. 25.09.20-30.10.20 Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 Luxembourg, Luxemburg February 1 September 30, 2021 2021 "ART PANORAMA-2021" (Part two) Moscow, Russia Friday, June 25, 2021 Friday, July 9, 2021 From June 25 to July 9, 2021, the Art Deco Museum will host the ART-PANORAMA-2021 International Art Exhibition (Part Two). The exhibition will present completely different styles and directions - from classical realism to avant-garde and abstraction. The exhibition is organized by the "Arbat" gallery (with the support of the Andriy Nekrasov International Art Center 3.Letné inspiracie Výstava obrazov účastnosov 7. maliarskej expozie v Bojniciach 3.07.2022- 1.08.2022 All-Ukrainian (international) exhibition Ukraine Kharkiv Friday, May 12, 2023 Monday, July 24, 2023 Every year since 2009, HONSHU has held an exhibition of graphics. Unfortunately, due to the aggression of Muscovites against Ukraine, the terrorist bombing of Kharkiv, the 2022 Exhibition did not take place. this year, thanks to the heroism of our army and the support of the international community, the exhibition "Graphics in Kharkiv 2023" is taking place in Kharkiv. The main concept: everything is visible in classic and original prints, watercolors, pastels, drawings, everything except digital graphics. Kharkiv organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Purpose: presentation of works that reflect the main stylistic directions of modern Ukrainian graphics and promotion of comprehensive development of graphic arts. 3.Letné inspiracie Výstava obrazov účastnovov 8 , maliarskej expozie v Bojniciach 3.07.2023-5.08.2023 Luxembourg Art Prize 2023 Luxembourg, Luxemburg February 1 September 30, 2023 2023 10.11-1.12.2023 Participation in the international annual competition exhibition "Autumn Salon High Castle", organized by the Lviv Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the Cultural and Art Center "Lviv Palace of Arts"


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Art school in Kiev. Chemistry - technologist of glass ceramics and refractories (The National Technical University of Ukraine/Kyiv Polytechnic Institute).

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