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Maria Mostovchuk

Artist from Ukraine

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 September 16th, 2019

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About the artist Maria Mostovchuk

Born in the town of Putila, in the Carpathians and went to college. Now I live and work in Odessa. Many artists of different ages and directions influenced my creativity, El Greco, Thorner, Van Gogh, Sazan, Matis, from the Ukrainian - Kryvolap, Lebedinets, Marchuk, Guy. Inspires to create paintings literature, music, poetry, nature, new cities, countries, people, events in the world. The creation of artistic images on the canvas, which I have chosen, is somewhat old-fashioned, but their expressiveness is accessible in the same way, the pictures as a speech can live in any space and have an impact on the viewer, the human environment, home or office, or any space. I organized joint exhibitions with Ukrainian young artists in various projects in Odessa, Kiev, Lviv and Chernivtsi, as well as the experience of working with German artists from Berlin MEET AP, Ilia Ryvkin, Olga Michael in projects 2015 - Art project "Art creates mutual understanding" Ukraine - Germany. (Odessa-Berlin). Museum of Contemporary Art. 2016 - Festival of Fine Arts. "Berlin is a place of free manifestation artists from post-Soviet countries". Berlin gallery "ARS PRO DONO" My works are in private collections of people from Ukraine, Germany and Russia and in the fund of the NSAU (National Union of Artists of Ukraine) of Odessa and Kiev.

Exhibitions of Maria Mostovchuk

2013 - Personal exhibition "Seven questions of melancholy" in the art cafe "Bunin" of Odessa 2015 - Personal exhibition "The Mirror of the Childhood" in the gallery of "Art Gostinnaya" Odessa 2015 - The Personal Art Project "The Senses of the Light" in Odesa Crisis Media Center 2016 - Art project exhibition "Identification of WE" in Odessa National Museum of Western and Oriental Art.TT 24.02.2019 Social art project “Trophies”, installation

Education of Maria Mostovchuk

Graduated from Vyzhnytsya College of Applied Arts, and I have diplomas of the specialist and the master of the South Ukrainian Ushinskiy State University, Art and Graphic Faculty.

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