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About the artist MARCELO DECOUD

Marcelo was born surrounded by art and horses, his mother was a renowned painter and his father a prestigious polo horse breeder. After his career as a professional polo player, Marcelo ventured into photography. He never took a course in photography but surrounded himself with renowned photographers such as Rodolfo Malaver, Gaby Herbstein, Manuel Gallardo, among others, who in addition to personal friendship gave him advice and encouraged him to exhibit his works. With the advent of digital photography, Marcelo began to work on his own photos and during the last years, he has made several exhibitions. Marcelo is also considered a self-taught artist with a natural talent that is reflected in his art-works.

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2014 International Polo Open Tournament, " Polo Art Exhibition ", Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014 "The Embera Tribe" - Fernandez Blanco Art Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014 National Horse Show Exposition, "Polo in Art", Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014 The exhibition "The Embera Tribe" - Embassy of Panama, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015 "Polo in Art", National Polo Tournament, Montevideo, Uruguay 2015 Polo in Art, National Polo Tournament, Asuncion, Paraguay 2015 Collective Exhibition of the National Parliament Art Gallery, Argentina 2016 "Images of Paraguay", Paraguay Cultura Foundation, Asuncion, Paraguay 2017 International Polo Expo, Polo Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018 Digital Art Exhibition " Women in Scene", Bubble Studios, Argentina 2018 Digital Art Exhibition " Migrants", Organization of Iberoamerican States, Argentina Awards 2015 Argentina Polo Association Art Award 2016 Argentina Polo Association Award 2017 Art Award of the Embassy of Paraguay


Marcelo made his primary and high school studies at the British Saint George´s Boarding School, then he studied economy for development at the Deutsche Stiftung Fur Internationale Entwicklung in Munich and made several courses and postgraduates studies at Yale University and Edinburgh University. His art education was not a formal one after he left his professional polo career, Marcelo ventured into photography related with horses and polo under the guidance of Gaby Herbstein and Rodolfo Malaver. In terms of his digital art education, Marcelo join the prestigious Bubble Studios as the economic counselor of the studio, in the meantime, Marcelo had the opportunity to meet the professionals of digital art of the studio who taught him the use of digital technology to apply to his photos, and he was taken by this art.

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