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Maks Belinsky was born in Lviv on 5th of July, 1985. His parents, having noticed a love for drawing in a young child, have given him to an art school. After finishing school Maks travels to Italy where he lives with his parents and which influences him as a painter. After returning fr om Italy he studies at Lviv National Academy of Arts. In a few years he leaves for Prague where he exhibits his work and collaborates with Benoni art gallery. After Czech Republic Maks settles again in now beloved Italy wh ere he works with watercolor graphics in Florence, Campobasso and Rome. Currently he lives in Lviv and Italy working on a new set of paintings. The works are made in the technique of watercolor graphics and with incredible delicacy and detail, which immediately explains why the artist devotes several weeks for each of his paintings.

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Personal exhibition in Lviv National Museum (2008) Personal exhibition in Lviv National Philarmonic (2014) Berlin Art Week (B.AGL) 2013 Shenzhen Watercolor Biennial (China) 2015 Russian Art Week (Moscow) 2017 Vanguard Today (Moscow) 2017 Visionary Art (Moscow) 2018 Russian Art Week (Moscow) 2018 Russian Art Awards (Moscow) 2018 St. Petersburg Art Week 2018


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Lviv National Academy of Arts. Design faculty

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