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My name is Sveta. I come from a small town that in Ukraine. Now I live in Turkey. Every day I look around and inside myself and create my own picture of the world! All my paintings are individual and do not repeat! I paint in oil and watercolor, I like to convey the inner feeling of the outside world! I prefer to use a wide palette of colors in the picture! My paintings are my world, my soul, my knowledge! I had a 14-year break in painting, after graduating from an art institute, as there were no ideas that would inspire me to create paintings. Now there has been a big splash, inner filling, and understanding that painting is my ideal place for self-expression and capture of my deep rethinking of myself and this world!

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1)November 12-14, 2021 Participation in the International Art Exhibition in Turkey (Alanya), under the slogan "Art is the common language of the world" 2)March 8-13 2022 World International Exhibition of Artists "Women's Footprint", dedicated to International Women's Day, which was held in Turkey in the Exhibition Hall "Art Gallery" of the Museum Complex "Red Tower" 3)May 21-30, 2022 Turkey charity exhibition "Foreigners paint Alanya"


In 2006 she graduated from the Salvador Dalі Institute for the Arts of Art Modeling and Design in Kiev

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