Artist Makar Burov

Makar Burov

Artist from Ukraine

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 November 13th, 2018

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About the artist Makar Burov

I do not imitate. I do not "copy". Sometimes I repeat the work "under the order." Third-party dictates do not recognize. So I express my thought. So I say.

Exhibitions of Makar Burov

During Soviet times, exhibited at closed, "kitchen" exhibitions, from which the work left, rolled into a roll, from the country. There were personal, in three - four paintings, exhibitions. In the official exhibitions did not participate. It required a formal academic education.

Education of Makar Burov

There is no academic education. He studied with the masters as an apprentice. They learned to work as you feel. This is the "handwriting". This is different. Therefore different.

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