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My name is Madhur Dhingra and I am fine art photographer based both in Toronto (Canada ) & New Delhi (India ) I was born an only child to my parents in Delhi, into a family torn apart by the aftermath of the India-Pakistan partition. I did my schooling from St.Xavier's High School, Delhi. After school I went to the Delhi University and took up English Honors as my subject. India-Pakistan partition bloodbath resulted my then affluent family moving to New Delhi completely penniless and shattered. This resulted in massive insecurity within the family members. Though born much later in Delhi I was forced to inherit all those very insecurities. Photography came to me as a fulfillment of a void that has plagued me because of those insecurities. It started as a hobby in 1996, later to become an acute passion and profession. I studied photography at the prestigious art institute “Triveni Kala Sangam” situated in Mandi House, New Delhi. After passing out from there I started shooting product photography for all major advertising agencies in New Delhi. I have done campaigns for prestigious agencies like O&M, MAA, Interface and a host of others. I now have 25 years of photography behind me. However my real passion lies in shooting people. I am an Fine Art / Impressionist Street Photographer, passionate about shooting random happenings and unknown faces on streets. I keep experimenting with new techniques & style to make my images unique. I shoot in- studio and on the streets, handling both studio and ambient light artistically. I am a strong believer in photography being a lifelong affair with learning and experimenting. Personally I tend to get bored soon doing similar images. As a photographer I have an inherent urge to continuously evolve both in style and technique. It is pertinent to say here that my images reflect to a large extent the void and emptiness I carry with me from my childhood till date. Isolation resulting because of the pandemic made me search rigorously for a style which I could call entirely my own. My current work is a result of that very search. Many international magazines and galleries too have published my recent work. My recent solo exhibition in Erquy-France was a big success. Four photography clubs of Brittany (France) got together and sponsored my solo show in the town of Erquy in December 2022. A documentary was also made on me and my style of work, and displayed in the Town Hall of Erquy during my exhibition. Four major newspapers of France published articles on my work. The 20 images displayed were sold out completely, some printed in more than once as more than one buyer wanted them. My exhibitions and work have been highly acclaimed and published in India, Europe & Canada & America.

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I Search A Meaning To Life With A Camera In Hand


My name is Madhur Dhingra and I am fine art photographer based in both, Toronto(Canada ) & New Delhi (India ) I started my career in photography in the year 1998. The style I shoot and process my images is fine art / abstract / impressionist. My images currently shown here, are a part of a personal journey where I search answers to some fundamental questions about life, its meaning and purpose and then later my understanding about nature of ‘Reality. This is the first of an eight part series that show to your gallery. My quest is taking me to every nook and corner of India and also nearby Himalayan Buddhist monasteries in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Zanskar, Ladakh (Little Tibet) meeting monks, philosophers, scientists and charlatans alike. Constant interaction with brilliant Vedic & Buddhist scholars has made me understand that the whole concept of a 'Creator God' proposed by organized religions is a childish one. It had failed to fully comprehend That unconditioned, non-dual, eternal, omnipresent force. God is not a glorified ‘personality' sitting somewhere in the universe, directing lives of its people or attending to minute details of its day to day operations. We need to understand that the Universal Mind does not exist separately along the universe but in it and as it. The universe was not arbitrarily created by any outside intervention but is self- born and is governed by the eternal Law Of Cause and Effect. The impressions of all objects in the universe lie dormant within the inner depths of the Universal Mind, until they become active by the working of Karma. They are then projected in our familiar space-time dimension which we know as the material world. The universe is not only self-actuating but also self-determining. Shunyata –The Ultimate Void (1st Story ) The first story “Shunyata –The Ultimate Void” has been shot in different regions of Ladakh and Zanskar (Little Tibet). Images of this story have been widely acclaimed and published in many international magazines. Four photography clubs of Brittany (France) got together and sponsored my solo photography show in the town of Erquy in December 2022. A documentary was also made on me and my style of work by French and Korean photographers and displayed in the Town Hall of Erquy during my exhibition. This exhibition was inaugurated by the mayor of Erquy. Four major newspapers of France published articles on my work and style. The exhibition was a complete sell out. Total images displayed were 20 in number and total images sold were 28. Some images were sold more than once to many buyers. My style of work has been identified as something unique by many international magazines and curators. _________________________________________________________ Website : https://madhurdhingra.com/ Images : Shunyata –The Ultimate Void : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/abstract-photography/ Portfolio : Both completed and ongoing work : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/portfolio/ YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcMzNjQ4PBs ________________________________________________________ Magazines & Publications : Link : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/magazines/ ________________________________________________________ Solo Sponsored Photography Exhibition In Erquy (France) : 22st Dec 2022 To 31 Dec 2022. Link : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/upcomong-solo-exhibition-france-photo-club-of-erquy-pce-21st-dec-2022-to-31-dec-2022/ ________________________________________________________ Press: Articles were written about this exhibition by various French newspapers. Link : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/press/ _______________________________________________________ Galleries & Festivals : Link : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/galleries-festivals/ _______________________________________________________ Biography : Link : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/biography/ _______________________________________________________ Something About My Style : Link : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/somthing-about-my-style/ _______________________________________________________ What is Shunyata : A Study Link : https://www.madhurdhingra.com/thoughts-and-musings/%e0%a4%b6%e0%a5%82%e0%a4%a8%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%af%e0%a4%a4%e0%a4%be-shunyata-the-ultimate-void/ _______________________________________________________ Regards, Madhur Dhingra

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