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Lyubov Yakimenko

Artist from Ukraine

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 September 4th, 2019

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About the artist Lyubov Yakimenko

Lyubov Yakimenko is a sculptor. She received an academic education in her specialty at the Kharkov State Art School (1989-1992) and then at the Kharkov Art and Industrial Institute. She took an active part in exhibitions, even from the period of study at the institute. Takes part in exhibitions and creative projects. 2012 project "Jewish Atlantis", followed by an exhibition in the AVEK gallery, as well as an exhibition "Rivers of Babylon". Since 2013 member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 2016, a large personal exhibition of wood sculpture "OBJECT-SUBJECT" in the Municipal Gallery of Kharkov and the collective project "Christmas Stories" in ART AREA "DK". Permanent participant of exhibitions held by the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In his work, he prefers to use something that allows you to combine shape and color. This is wood and ceramics. Love for these materials arose in my student years. Later in his work, preference was given to bronze. But over time, there was a return to favorite materials and a rethinking of working with them. The active use of color in sculpture is due to the fact that in the world around us, color and form are inextricably linked. Accordingly, in sculpture they complement each other, creating a kind of sculptural picture. And, if in working with wood, contact with the material occurs through a tool, then terracotta is direct contact, conveying all the quivering touch of the sculptor.

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Exhibitions of Lyubov Yakimenko

2016 "Object-subject" - Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine 2016 "Christmas stories" ART AREA "DK" Kharkiv, 2018 "Magic Lantern" museum-master I. Kavaleridze, Kyiv, Ukraine 2019 "Flowerbed" gallery "Slobozhanshchina" Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Education of Lyubov Yakimenko

1989-1992 Kharkov State Art School 1992 -1997 Kharkov Institute of Art and Industry (KhDADM)

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