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Liudmyla Riabkova

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About the artist Liudmyla Riabkova

Liudmyla was born in Kiev where lives and works till now. She graduated economic University . She studied art at the private studio "The World of Colors",as well as with other professional Ukrainian artists.Painting was not always,but just one meeting with talented people and everything changed- she fined the favorite thing and decide to devote all time.Impressionism is her favorite trend. he main technique is oil, the material is canvas. Painterly style using bright saturated colors, united by the principle of contrast. The most of the art are portraits of important people. Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, France and America.

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I love this feeling when you stand with a brush in front of the canvas and start to depict your world, in your colors, according to your rules.


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12/24/2021 - Boyko Art Center, Globus Gallery, Kyiv 02/12/2022 - collective exhibition "Spring Again", Boyko Art Center, Globus Gallery, Kyiv 05/06/2022 - collective exhibition "A new spring, a new life, a new dawn of the world", Art Center Boyko, gallery "Globus", Kyiv 10/02/2023 - collective exhibition "The Moment", Art Center Boyko, gallery "Globus", Kyiv


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Kiev Radiomechanical College & Academy of Municipal Management, Faculty of Economics

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