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About the artist Ludmila Kalmykova

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Kalmykova Lyudmila Fedorovna Born in Kiev in 1956. Since 1989 she has been actively participating in national and international exhibitions. Works in the field of painting, graphics Since 1992, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

  • Community member since October 30th, 2018
  • Kind of fine art:Painting


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Main exhibitions: 2017-All-Ukrainian exhibition "Abstract painting of Ukraine", Kiev 2016-Triennial "Painting", Kiev 2013-All-Ukrainian triennial "Painting 2013" 2012-Ukrainian art exhibition "Ukrainian still life", Kiev 2009 - personal exhibition, gallery "Griffin", Kiev 2008 - 6th Art Festival, Cultural Center of Ukraine, Magdeburg, Germany 2007 - Exhibition "Blessing", Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin, Germany 2006 - All-Ukrainian Women's Exhibition, Kiev 2004 - exhibition “Homes of Ukraine-mittsi”, Kiev 2002 - personal exhibition, gallery "Moro", Kiev 2001 - All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition, Kiev 2000 - Triennale of graphics, Kiev 2000 - V International Art Festival, Ukrainian House, Kiev 2000 - personal dialogue "Dialogue with space", gallery "Mystetsky kurin", Kiev 1998 - “Vidatnі ukrainsky mystinki”, gallery “Lavra”, Kiev 1996 - International competition "Warsaw in Oxlibris", Warsaw, Poland 1995 - Exhibition of Kiev artists, Nuremberg, Germany 1992 - Republican Spring Exhibition, Kiev 1991 - International Exlibris Competition "Europe and the Bull", Nuremberg, Germany 1991 - Group exhibition "Dzherela", Kiev 1991 - Republican exhibition "Babiy Yar", Kiev 1991 - VI Republican exhibition of illustration and book design, Kiev 1990 - Republican exhibition dedicated to the 45th anniversary of Victory, Kiev 1990 - Republican Spring Exhibition, Kiev 1989 - I International Triennial-Competition Exlibris, Vilnius, Lithuania 1989 - Republican exhibition of works by young artists, Kiev 1989 - "Kiev and Kiev", Kiev


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In 1975 she graduated from the Kiev Art and Industrial College. In 1992 she graduated from the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute. I. Fedorov.

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