Artist Loredana Campa

Loredana Campa

Artist from Italy

Representative of the artist is Primo Piano Livingallery
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 July 8th, 2019

About the artist Loredana Campa

Loredana Campa is a painter originally from Galatina who lives and works between Lecce and Bologna. Essentially she is a landscape painter who, however, starting from a traditional pictorial genre, has been able to reach a language definitely at the forefront. The landscape by Loredana Campa, in fact, is a highly personal concentrate of minimalism and rationality that transforms reality into delicate geometric shapes in an articulated meeting of plans. The sensible world expands into large chromatic zones that overcome reality in favor of high expressionistic values. The elaborate drawing (pictorial but in a limited and calibrated way) pursues structural values.

Exhibitions of Loredana Campa

2013 «Arte&Natura", Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce 2013 «Global Connection Show "Primo Piano LivinGallery , Lecce 2014 «Ritratto di donna» Galleria Art&Co, Galatina, Lecce 2016 «Iside e la Wunderkammer della fertilità, Progetto interdisciplinare di arti visive, sonore e performative contemporanee»Palazzo Vernazza, Lecce 2016 «Arte in Vetrina, Lecce Galleria diffusa» Galleria Art&Co, Galatina

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