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About the artist Lois Cunniff

Lois is a self-taught photographer who enjoys pushing her creativity and learning new photography techniques. Her journey with photography began with a simple point and shoot camera. Before long, she was hooked and began learning as much as she could about photography. She found it intimidating at first, but over time her confidence grew. Lois has traveled extensively with her camera a Canon5DS and her trusty go-to lens, a Canon 17-40mm f/4. This is her favorite lens because it is the most difficult lens to use well. At the wide end, 17mm, it is very wide, so a lot goes into crafting a shot. Lois shoots nature, landscapes, cityscapes and finds this lens to be perfect for most situations. Lois's first love is pet photography. Her dog, Buddy is her favorite model and travel companion.

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2011 Boston Globe Feature 2012 Boston Raw Artist, Cambridge, Mass 2017 Portland Photo Walk Exhibit 2019 Along The Coast, Biddeford, Maine

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