Artist Liubov Ananina

Liubov Ananina

Artist from Czechia

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 May 28th, 2020

About the artist Liubov Ananina

The existence of Beauty and Love is mainly for me and holds me “above the water” in this world. There is beauty everywhere and in every moment around us. I can feel fulness of life during the painting, I don't need anything else, don't have any wishes or worries. I am an independent artist, who is happy to experiment and try the different directions of oil and acrylic painting. I'm not trying to belong to some group, in my work I go after my mood and inner voice. Love is incredible power all around us.

Exhibitions of Liubov Ananina

2021 Brno Czechia

Education of Liubov Ananina

Graduated from the art school in Arkhangelsk (Russia).

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