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While I have always worked with pen and ink, and oil pastels, dance was actually my first love. I studied ballet fr om the age of 5, and then at 19, I joined the first "Disney on Parade" touring show wh ere I met my future husband, Danny.  We toured the Eastern United States and Canada for several months, and when we left the show we settled in Los Angeles, California. For about 10 years after that, I danced with various ballet companies in Southern California. In 1999 I turned my full creative energy to drawing and painting.  I studied art at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), initially focusing on watercolor, and then acrylics. In 2002, I started using the cast acrylic print technique, invented by my father, Joseph Zirker (see josephzirker.com). This method allows for the creation of monotype prints without a press. In 2017 I started creating “Paper Sculpture Collages” that are 3 dimensional and built on canvas. I am thrilled by the photographs of outer space and impossibly distant galaxies, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. These photographs are incredibly beautiful and some of them seem to even have a sort of mystical quality.  I discovered that I could create a beautiful blend of my painting and drawing with photographs of the galaxies.  My experience with dance has a significant influence on my work. I am enamored with the beauty of line and movement in dance, and I often give my work the feeling of movement even when the subject isn’t directly about dance. 

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Solo Exhibitions “Imagine” at 9 Art Gallery, Chiang Rai, Thailand, 2018 “The World I Dream In” at 116 Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand, September 14 – October 31, 2013 “A Woman’s Dream of the Night Sky” at Neilson-Hays Library & Galleries, Bangkok, 2012 “A Woman’s Dream of the Night Sky” at Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2012 “A Woman’s Dream of the Night Sky” at 9 Art Gallery, Chiang Rai, Thailand, 2011 Two-Person Exhibitions “Timeless Harmony II” with Joseph Zirker at 116 Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand October 2016 - January 2017 “Timeless Harmony” with Joseph Zirker at ArtBridge, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2015 “Spirits in Nature” with Paradorn Wora-Apinyaporn at 9 Art Gallery, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2009 Selected Invitational Group Exhibitions “Her Charm” Nan Riverside Gallery, Mae Ying Artist group, Nan Thailand 2018 “In Her Eyes” Art Bridge Chiang Rai, MaeYing Chiangrai Artists group, July-August, 2017 Art Bridge Chiang Rai, various group exhibitions, Chiang Rai, Thailand, from 2013 - 2017 Art Bridge Chiang Rai group inaugural exhibition for member artists, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2013 “Bamboo Lantern Sculptures” Workshop and Exhibition at home of Professor Somluk Pantiboon, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2012 “Le Meridien Fun Fair” at Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2011 “Cultural Collage” at Prataap Jai, Chiang Rai, Thailand November 2011 “100 Artists Combination” Workshop and Exhibition at Rimkok Resort Hotel, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2011 “Artists of the Mekong” Workshop and Exhibition at Chiangrai Rajabat University, Chiang Rai, Thailand 2011 “Farang Rai” at Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Rai Thailand 2010 “Japanese Culture Night” at Loyola University, Los Angeles, California, 2000 Juried Exhibition “Pacific Prints 2006” Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, California 2006


University of Southern California Los Angeles

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