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Linda Naili

Artist from France

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About the artist Linda Naili

Linda Naili is an artist in contemporary art , abstract art ,she paint on various materials such as; canvas, leather,glass,wood. She uses intense colours which make her art work unique. Colours are her passion,art is her world. Her imagination is in constant evolution which leads her to innovate in her work. The artis created in 2017 a new limited edition of arty bottles made of glass . The unique art pieces are painted with acrylic mixed with many materials such as; sand, gold,bronze ,silver leaves. The art bottles are highlighted with cristal and glass taps. A perfect pieces for interior design and art lovers can descover her limited edition on her website. Art is timeless ,colours are life explains the artist.

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I have exhibited in agora gallery New York in 2014. And inspain in 2016. In Miami Florida in villa toscana in 2012. 2013,2014 ,2015, exhibitions in Spain,Paris, and United Kingdom,London . 2016,2017 exhibitions in Italy and Spain. Future exhibition this year 2018) in Paris,France. Coming exhibition in 2019 in America ,New York and Los Angeles,Valifornia.


University of savoie, chambery ,FRANCE. School of art of acting in Paris ( école Florent) paris,France .

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