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Representative of the artist is Spivakovska ART:EGO gallery
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About the artist Liliiya Mano

Mano Lilia, artist: “The artist in me is closer and inherent in depicting the feminine principle in my works, because I am a woman and I can broadcast feminine energy, while understanding it. I love the woman in myself, I love the female energy, which can be completely different: gentle, inspiring, playful, strong, empathic, uncompromising. Women are so different and beautiful, each of them has a powerful charge and energy resource. In my works, I glorify all the facets of the feminine principle, while not diminishing the role of men in both global and interpersonal senses. " The female essence is what at this stage of creativity most inspires the artist, because in her life there are examples of such women. Be yourself; be able to stand up for yourself; not be afraid to express your opinion; be able to enjoy life; to love life; be a hedonist; support those who are around; love yourself! These words have become a kind of life mantras, expanding personal boundaries and transforming life priorities.

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02/29/2020 - personal exhibition in Line M concept, entitled "Wildlife". 13.10.20- personal exhibition in Spivakovska ART: EGO gallery, called "Wild soul".

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