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 February 3rd, 2023

About the artist Larissa Smagarinsky

Larissa Smagarinsky has forged a career out of marble and bronze to become recognized as one of Australia’s leading sculptors. -Anne Sarzin Sydney University Journalist Australian Art Collector 1998. Watching her work on a portrait bust can be a disconcerting experience because she is a relentlessly self-critical never hesitating to destroy what she has already achieved should it fall short of her expectations. Initially she observes acutely, sketching her subject in graphite or charcoal with broad and rapid strokes. Shaping the clay is a formidable act of creation within what seems a remarkably short time a strong likeness emerges. But the physical resemblance for Smagarinsky is indeed only the shell whether the focus is on a large-scale commission or a series of small collectibles for the home. Smagarinsky is consistently intent on capturing moments, spirits and essences so much so that her legacy will be clear to both present and future generations. -Anne Sarzin Sydney University Journalist Australian Art Collector 1998.

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