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Lalit Kapoor

Artist from India

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 November 13th, 2019

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About the artist Lalit Kapoor

For me nature is the masterpiece artwork and I am so much fascinated with nature's beauty that i want to feel it with my soul and I find art as the best way to do it because when I create an artwork my soul feels every stroke and shape of the nature or natural subject which I am creating, it is something spiritual for me and I found tremendous pleasure in the process of art making. And here at Jose Art Gallery i want to reach to a vast audience who can admire my art and of course I have to pay my bills, so if someone buys my work, they'll be a great help in that matter :)

Exhibitions of Lalit Kapoor

India Art Festival 2017, Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi, India Ayat inyaat, National Fine Arts Society, New Delhi, India India Art Festival 2018, Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi, India

Education of Lalit Kapoor

I have studied art, traditional and digital.

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