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Ksenia Datsyuk - an artist, was born in a family of artists and sculptors. Her creative search began at a young age, she draws as much as she remembers herself. And she receives inspiration from everything that surrounds her. Sometimes these are ordinary things that we do not pay attention to, and she revives them in her canvases. The subject of Ksenia in art can be any objects, since the form is not important, the idea and spirit embedded in the objects are important. There are no instructions to paint a new idea, there are feelings and emotions that settle on the canvas.The work should involve the viewer in the dialogue and allow to feel the thoughts and the state of the author. The artist is constantly experimenting, trying various mixed techniques. Works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad and in museums funds.

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Personal exhibition "Interlacing of time" in the Museum of Hetmans, Kiev 2013 Personal exhibition "Muses" in the gallery of Madame Palmgren, Lviv 2016 Personal exhibition "New" in the museum of A.Belyi, Chernomorsk 2017 Personal exhibition "H.C.N.G." in the center of contemporary art, Ivano-Frankivsk 2017 Personal exhibition "Painting" in the gallery of arts NAPU, Lutsk 2018


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National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Kiev) Eastern European University named after Lesya Ukrainka (Lutsk)

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