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Kristine Sk

Artist from Ukraine

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 July 15th, 2021

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About the artist Kristine Sk

Artist, jeweler, photographer. I am a creative person. I have been searching for myself since childhood. I tried everything possible related to creativity, danced, embroidered, knitted, sculpted ... In search of my style, I understood and was able to accept myself. One style and color tone is definitely not about me, because the paintings reflect the whole emotional spectrum of my life. I'm different: colorful and fun, sometimes black and white and calm, sometimes I'm pastel, and sometimes just weird)). I broadcast my state of mind, my mood on the canvas and choose the appropriate colors for the emotional state in which I am at the time of painting. My art is a state of mind, my art is me. In my abstractions my feelings, they are both dark and sad, and light or bright.This is how I see my world, it is not filled with realistic or concrete forms, but on the contrary it is in plastic lines or sharp strokes. I am an artist who will not work in one genre, style or subject. Because I have a lot of different visions, different ideas and opinions in my head. That's why I decided to divide my art into a series of paintings, each series with its own genre, its own theme, its own idea. Non-standard angle for pictures in the shape of a diamond symbolizes that people are accustomed to everything at a standard angle, and I want to show that if you change the angle of vision, you can discover a new truth, a new vision and different pictures ..) Ukrainian is my native language, which is why I want to carry it with me in my art. Without my native language I will not be myself. That is why I write all the names and descriptions combining two languages, Ukrainian and English.

Exhibitions of Kristine Sk

2020 personal exhibition in the city of Chernivtsi in a cafe "Black coffee"

Education of Kristine Sk

Higher Specialty: Decorative and Applied Arts Specialization: Artistic metal processing

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