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Christina Kristovsky

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About the artist Christina Kristovsky

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I was born in Kazakhstan in the city of Almaty, in 1986 on August 14, my dream has always been creativity, I started drawing at the age of 4, I immediately had a desire to create.

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"When you create art, you want to leave history behind you"


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In 2018 I took part in the online exhibition Luxembourg Art Prize 2018 In 2020 at the Moscow competition "Portrait and Figures" At the 2022 Moscow Fair "ART and point D" MY MANIFESTO: "ENERGY" IN EVERYONE. In every person, in every action, in every picture. In 2023, she participated in the exhibition "Energy in Life" in Kazakhstan


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Later she entered the art school named after A. Kasteev. in the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. In 2004, she entered the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Қozha Ahmet Yasawi, faculty of graphic design. I continued to paint and exhibited at exhibitions.

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