Artist Kostyantyn Parkhomenko

Kostyantyn Parkhomenko

Artist from Ukraine

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 July 16th, 2019

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About the artist Kostyantyn Parkhomenko

Artist from Ukraine (Lugansk). Works in the technique of oil painting and in genres: landscape, portrait, still life. The artist is amazed and impressed by the nature of various natural states. Each work is a search for subtle coloristic relationships. He characterizes his style as a combination of realism, impressionism and expressionism. In most of his works, the artist applies the activity of color and the pastyness of the painting brushstroke. Picturesque and complex texture adds a subtle touch to each work.

Exhibitions of Kostyantyn Parkhomenko

Solo exhibitions were held in Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Among the exhibitions "Velvet Season", Kiev; "The Magic World of Colors", Lugansk; "A charming, beautiful, life-affirming world of flowers, tenderness, love and light", Kracnui Luch; «Świat emocji i wrażeń»; "Harmony of color". Solo exhibitions have been organized since 2009. Participant and winner of many International, All-Ukrainian and All-Russian art competitions and plein airs

Education of Kostyantyn Parkhomenko

Lugansk State Academy of Culture and Arts. named after M. Matusovsky and Lugansk National University named after Taras Shevchenko

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