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 January 22nd, 2023

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About the artist Kosta Turkov

I am visually impaired. What some perceive critically! But this does not bother me, but gives me an incentive!!! I am going to my goal, and I will achieve it!!! He started his career in digital art - NFT. In the future, he began to paint oil paintings in his developed new style of "Neoexcubism" Neoexcubism combined two styles of painting paintings.This is Cubism and neo-expressionism - one of the most mysterious and incomprehensible trends in the world of painting. For this reason, many people do not understand it. In order to understand Cubism and neo-Expressionism, you need to see the world in a plane. To look into the underside of this World. I paint pictures based not on what I see, but what I feel. I want to convey to people my emotions, my experiences, my energy, my vision for problems, fears and emotional state. I forbid during my lifetime and field it in Galleries

Exhibitions of Kosta Turkov

Artmusa, Vernissage

Education of Kosta Turkov

I have been painting since childhood. My parents insisted on getting an education at the Academy of Arts. In 2008, he dropped out of school and went to Paris. Where he studied independently. He created his own style - neoexcubism. And I continue to paint my paintings in it. I am a real rock'n'roller in the art world

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