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Konstantin Gallari(Turkov)

Artist from Russia

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About the artist Konstantin Gallari(Turkov)

He started his career in the field of digital art - NFT. Later he began to paint oil paintings in the new style of "neoexcubism" developed by him. Neoexcubism combined two painting styles. This is Cubism and neo-expressionism - one of the most mysterious and incomprehensible trends in world painting. For this reason, many do not understand this. To understand Cubism and neo-Expressionism, you need to see the world in a plane. To look into the underside of this world. I draw pictures based not on what I see, but on what I feel. I want to convey to people your emotions, your experience, your energy, your vision of problems, fears and emotional state

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My idea is to turn the inner world inside out. And show people that the world is destroyed


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His parents insisted that he study at the Art Institute. After four months Konstantin stopped studying. He found Leo, a street artist in Paris, in the Montmarte district and studied with him on his own for 2 years. Creating your own unique style in painting Which partially positions him as the Voice of the streets in art

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