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Only for those who are not afraid to take risks and accept the unique tuning of their own "MAD". Flying off the reels, even when they look like the good fairy of the "charitable fund", which, in fact, has been itching for so long to take an ax and cut down that state of constant stress with fragments of the program "What? Where? What the hell?". Explaining to the "clever" mushroom pickers who come to your personal slumbering forest with a cursed lantern that the cleaver is still in hand. It is our easy inclination that is the navigator of correct decisions, first of all, when there is no common sense and logic. She sometimes gives a pendulum to take a step back, but only in order to gain acceleration. The cuckoo goes to everyone, just the speed and the result are different. The main thing in this crazy thing is not to forget that the most important thing in life is that stupid genius who reads this text!!! P.S. Yes, what IMAGE does your piece of obsession look like?)

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