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Born in 1993 in the city of Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro), Ukraine.  In 2015 I graduated Dnipropetrovsk National University, major Fine Arts. I worked at the Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum as a senior researcher. And now I am working in design firm.  I have been doing creative work for more than seven years. I participate in various exhibitions, art competitions and plein airs in Ukraine. I spend a lot lot time interacting with the community in the practice of my art form as well. I taught drawing, painting and sculpting classes for children. I conducted master classes for different categories of disabled people. During the time of working in the Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum, I conducted about 40 excursions for visitors. I was the curator of the exhibition of Petrykivka painting by Nina Turchin. I was curator of the exhibition of children's drawings to Dnipropetrovsk Children's Film Center “Vesnyanka” as well. I take part in many cultural and social events such as: International Mother Language Day, Taras Shevchenko's memory day, Night of Museums, Children Protection Day, Constitution Day, Independence Day of Ukraine, Ivan Franko's memory day, International Artist Day and events for the New Year holidays. I studied history of Ukrainian art and history of Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum. later I adapted it for better perception in interesting quests. I developed three quests in the game and informative form for small children, for teenagers and for adults. Now the quests are open for all visitors of our Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum. In my creative practice I use traditional painting and practise modern art trends. I carry on developing my knowledged in Fine Arts. I am interested in using different techniques and directions in my work. For example: painting, drawing, batik, photography and others. My recent works can be defined as an abstract art. I also want to work with media art, performance art, installation art and other modern direction.

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2013 Take part in Allukrainian olympiad on the fine arts (painting) among students in higher institutions of art. Uzhhorod.  2015 Take part in Allukrainian olympiad on the fine arts (painting) among students in higher institutions of art. Uzhhorod.  2015 Participation in charity exhibition Dnipropetrovsk National University students. Museum of Ukrainian Art. Dnipro. 2015 Participation in exhibition-competition of young artists "Germinal". Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum. 2015 Take part in exhibition and sale to the Day of the city. Museum of Ukrainian Art. Dnipro. 2015 Involvement in art project "Portrait from classic to contemporary." Dnipro.  2015 Participation in charity auction "Flex For Kids". Museum of Ukrainian Art. Dnipro. 2016 Take part in “Spring plein air.” Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum.  2016 Participation in Allukrainian exhibition "Beautiful сolours of Dnipro". The National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Dnipro. 2016 Involvement in "Sicheslavsky plein air". The National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Dnipro 2017 Participation in «II Allukrainian exhibition of abstract painting». National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Kiev. 2017 Award and participation in the Allukrainian plein air "The Best Artist". Vinnitsa. 2017 Take part in amplitudinous art project "Her Majesty's Muse." Dnipro.

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