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Katerina Kovalska

Artist from Ukraine

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About the artist Katerina Kovalska

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In 2012, she graduated from the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, received a master's degree in specialization International protection of human rights. In those years, she did not realize what would happen engage in cultural diplomacy and represent Ukraine on the international arena, as artist. As a student, she began studying painting with the Ukrainian artist Victor Semenyaka For the first time, Kateryna Kovalska presented her works to the public in the spring of 2015 as part of of the "Beginning of the Path" project at Spivakovska ART:EGO Gallery. The name of the exhibition was not chosen incidentally, this is a great example of how a person radically changes his priorities in life. During the year, Kateryna held several more personal exhibitions. There were works by the artist selected to participate in the International art project WOMAN'S ESSENCE by MUSA International art Space, Milan. The painting "Exotics" was presented as part of the project in Milan. Kateryna Kovalska is a participant in the art performance "374 Artists", VI All-Ukrainian Festival Easter eggs. Participant of the "Kyiv Lions Club Art Auction" charity auction. Most of the works made in the impressionism technique. The artist seeks to share her experience and talent with surrounding people, and inspire them to make changes in their destiny. Life and love are the stimulus for works of the artist. All of Kateryna's works are permeated with warmth, colors and at the same time with extraordinary ease, like herself. Many works are in private collections in Ukraine and Italy.

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2023 — Personal exhibition "In Time". Charity project in support of 2019 – Collective exhibition "Identification", Spivakovska ART:EGO Gallery, Kyiv 2018 – Participant of the international art project WE CONTEMPORARY 2016 – Participant of the Kyiv Lions Club Art Auction charity auction. 2016 Participant of the art performance "374 Artists", All-Ukrainian ethno-cultural project "Folk Ukraine" VI All-Ukrainian Pysanka Festival. 2016 – Participant of the international art project WOMAN'S ESSENCE by MUSA International Art Space, Milan. 2015 – Personal exhibition of paintings "Journey of my dream", Lexus City Plaza, Kyiv 2015 – Personal exhibition of paintings "The beginning of the journey" at Spivakovska ART:EGO Gallery, Kyiv

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