Artist Katerina Goncharuk

Katerina Goncharuk

Artist from Ukraine

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 January 9th, 2021

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About the artist Katerina Goncharuk

Katża - an artist who shows deep strong feelings in personal and social life. Art is the only way for myself to show another emotions than people see in routine life. My drawings and sculptures it is the way to explain that you can see a looot of sense and beautiful combinations of colours and forms at the same time. 23 y.o. Born and raised in Ukraine. Now I live for two countries: Ukraine (Rivne) and Poland (Warsaw).

Exhibitions of Katerina Goncharuk

2019 an exhibition named "Fade out #2 // fall equinox" with my artistic group "Ehidno" in Warsaw (klubojadalnia "Mlodsza siostra"). 2019 with my artistic group "Ehidno" an exhibition "Astroparty" (bar "No Problem") .

Education of Katerina Goncharuk

I have higher education (University of Social Sciences in Warsaw, Poland - cosmetology). I intensively started to draw and learn how to draw by myself while studying at university. At that time I decided that drawing is The Thing that I want to do for all my life.

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