Artist Kat Motsamai

Kat Motsamai

Artist from South Africa

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 August 24th, 2018

About the artist Kat Motsamai

I’m a young South African visual artist residing in the east of Johannesburg who is very passionate about art and its possibilities. I see art as more than just beautiful etchings on a canvas but a tool to tell your story. My work is inspired by dreams moulded by possibility causing the audience to take a closer as I fuse two worlds to create a surreal possible outcome. I aim on improving from my previous works and try telling a better story through the strokes I make.

Exhibitions of Kat Motsamai

My painting "Adapt" was recently featured this March during the Armory Artweeks 2018 for an exhibition hosted by Artbox Projects in New York. The exhibition was held at the Stricoff Gallery.

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