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Karina Marchenko

Artist from Greece

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 November 16th, 2020

About the artist Karina Marchenko

My love for drawing was discovered by chance. As a child, I got into an art studio and the world of colors simply fascinated me. I discovered wonderful abilities and my works received prizes at children's art competitions. But adult life is not always like your childhood dream. For many years I had to do a completely different activity. In 2014, I fell seriously ill, and suddenly I not only woke up, but literally boiled with the desire to draw. I bought paints, found video tutorials on YouTube and began to comprehend this art. Later, I began to draw on my own what inspired me or gave birth to my own imagination. My work has been successful. All my paintings that I created during my illness were sold or donated. Now they are in private collections around the world. After all this, the realization came to me that I did not want to do anything other than drawing. I continue to study all the time and draw every day, because I am sure that the skill needs to be constantly honed. I live in Greece with my family.

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Education of Karina Marchenko

I have no art education. I draw how I feel.

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