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1946 – Born in Yerevan, Armenia 1964 – Finished Fine Arts college after P. Terlemezyan 1969 – Graduated from Fine Art and Theatre Institute 1970 – Lecturer at Yerevan Fine Art and Theatre Institute 1974 – Member of the USSR Union of Artists’ 1980 – Awarded the prize of Armenian Young Communists’ League 1981-1983 – Chief artist of the Art Found of Armenia 1982 – Diploma of the Academy of Arts of USSR 1986 – Assistant Professor at Yerevan Fine Art and Theatre Institute 1982-88 – Board member of the USSR Union of Artists 1988 – Member of the USSR Union of Designers 1988-1993 – Head of the Design department of Yerevan Fine Art and Theatre Institute (now – State Academy of Fine Arts) 1990 – Professor. Moscow High Attesting Committee 1991 – Professor of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts 1998 – President of the Artists’ Union of Armenia 2000 – Manager of the pavilion “Armenia” at the “EXPO 2000”, Hanover, Germany 2004 – Member of the Council of Cultural of the President of Armenia 2005 – Honorary Artist of Republic of Armenia 2010 – Honorary Member of Russian Academy of Art PERMANENT EXIBITION Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia Museum in Magnitagorsk, Russia Museum in Kirovakan, Armenia Museum in Novi Urengoy, Russia Contemporary Art Museum, Toulouse, France Contemporary Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia National Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia Museum in Heifei, China Museum of Holly Echmiastnin His works of art can also be founded in funds and archives of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and Russia. The works are kept in the founds of Armenia and Russia Ministry of Culture as well as in personal collections of different countries of the world. Hundreds of successful projects in different spheres of design. GROUP EXHIBITIONS Since 1970 he has participated in more then 250 republican, international and foreign exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, Hungary, Cuba, USA, France, Germany, Belgium China and in other countries.

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1990 – Gallery “Villa Ikhon”, Bremen, Germany 1991 – “Artist House”, Yerevan, Armenia 1992 – “Gallery -100”, Paris, France 1992 – “ABF”, Marseilles, France 1993 – “Ex-point Gallery”, Prague, Czech Republic 1994 – Gallery “Athena”, Toulouse, France 1994 – Gallery “Osteuropa-forderung”, Berlin, Germany 1995 – Hotel “Holiday Inn”, Toulouse, France 1995 – Hotel “Regina Palace”, Bearits , France 1995 – Gallery “Novetel”, Toulouze, France 2000 – “Expo 2000 “, Hanover, Germany 2000 – “Gala Gallery”, Magdeburg, Germany 2001 – Artists’ Union Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia 2002 – People Gallery”, Soul, Korea 1992 – “Central Artists’ House”, Moscow, Russia 2002 – “Margency”, Paris, France 2004 – “Gala Gallery”, Magdeburg, Germany 2005 – “Cultural Centre”, Nant, France 2006 – Gallery “Adonis”, Brusell, Belgium 2006 – “Solitery” Gallery, Berlin, Germany 2009 – Artists Union Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia 2010 – Nashional Liberary, Beyjing, Cnina 2016 – Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

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