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Kallista Ivanova

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 January 10th, 2021

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About the artist Kallista Ivanova

Kallista Ivanova - international artist; author of the new direction in the world of contemporary art ARTKALLISTA Style Gold metallic relief images, contours, details, elements and bodies; clean, bright colors; textured surface and elements of a neo-surreal direction are creating slowly but steadily a school/movement in contemporary art, this of Kallista Ivanova, known globally as ARTKALLISTA The term ARTKALLISTA — ( English: art; Greek: kallista – the most beautiful) transliteration — BEAUTIFUL ART . This is an art that excites fantasies and pleases the eyes,  an art that guides and inspires; an art that demonstrates truth, feelings and cultivates love for the beautiful. The leitmotiv of artkallista is beautiful fantasies, love, feelings, beauty in all its aspects, naivete, wellness, confidence, comfort, respect , luxury and power. The main distinguishing features of this art movement are varieties of acrylic painting and decorative art. The works are based on dimensional decorative elements, multiple layers, different details, bright and fresh colours, metallic and gold pigments. The artist works like a sculptor to create dimensional forms with the help of brushes and palette knives on canvas. The mix of deep meaning and aesthetic beauty truly makes such works masterpieces of modern art. Depending on the lighting such works are constantly changing their colour composition, and this way the very image of the created works change as well. Paintings fascinate with a rich colour palette and dimensional details. A subtle perception of beauty fills with powerful energy. This is something new, perfect and even naive … One can feel the trend of a new style, new wave, new time in this art movement… My goal is to open the doors to the World of magical, beautiful art. My mission is that when a person looks at a picture he could read it like a thrilling book and explore the new aspects of art, so he could see beauty and get inspiration for new feats and deeds. Kallista Ivanova was born 1985 in Russia in the small town of Cheboksary in the Republic of Chuvashia. Kallista Ivanova loved to draw since childhood. She has Russian and Armenian roots, grew up in a creative family. Her dad is Armenian who lived in Yerevan, her mom is Russian . When Kallista Ivanova was a little girl she lived in two countries in Russia and Armenia . Her grandfather is a musician and great-grandfather Aidartsyan Khachatur Nikolovich is an artist. Kallista Ivanova started working very early and earned money from the age of 14 selling pies . She started working when dad lost all the money in the casino . But the problems only made Kallista stronger . Kallista Ivanova has two higher educations. She became a successful top manager in a large local company . But Kallista Ivanova quit her job in 2015 . The genes of the family took over, namely the genes of the great-grandfather, and perhaps that's why Kallista devoted herself to art. She began to create original works of art, although she did not take the profession of an artist seriously before. The genes of the artist's great-grandfather seriously played an important role in the life of Kallista Ivanova. She could not stop and in 2017 the first personal art exhibition deduction of Kallista Ivanova was organized . She is a participant and winner of many international art projects and art exhibitions. Kallista organized 9 large solo art exhibitions and participated in more than 30 art exhibitions. She creates luxurious copyrighted artwork, paintings, fashion prints, sculptures and jewelry. She lives and works in Russia and Greece. Today ARTKALLISTA STYLE is a author’s modern art philosophy of beauty and luxury All Social Media / Online Accounts: #artkallista #artkallistastyle #kallistaivanova

Exhibitions of Kallista Ivanova

International and collective offline exhibitions: 2017 Louvre Museum, France, Paris 2017 Central House of Artists, Moscow, exhibition Modern Avant-garde 2018 Kazan Kremlin, Kazan. Exhibition Art-Geography of Russia. 2018 ArtePadova Italy, Padova, Italy 2018 Exhibition Italyart Kremlin. State Museum named after V.I. Vernandsky. Moscow 2018 International Design Center Artplay, Russian Art Week 2018 Center for Contemporary Art of Chuvashia, exhibition Other Art 2018 Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, exhibition Talent of Russia 2018 Christmas Art Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece 2018 Russian Cultural Center, China 2018 ArtThessaloniki International Art Exhibition, Thessaloniki, Greece 2019 Collective exhibition, Greece, Thessaloniki, MYRO Gallery 2019 Exhibition TRANSFORMATION. FEMALE IMAGE. Art Deco Museum. Moscow 2019 Russian Cultural Center, Israel 2019 Benelux Exhibition, Holland. 2019 Monte Carlo, Monaco. 2020 Moscow Duma, Moscow. Exhibition project Art-Geography of Moscow. 2020 Astral Projections Exhibition, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2020 Arab Visions Exhibition, Cairo Opera House Music Library, Egypt and etc. 2021 exhibition at the State Theater of Opera and Ballet of Chuvashia, dedicated to International Women's Day on March 8. 2021 exhibition at the State Theater of Opera and Ballet of Chuvashia, forum "Woman and Business 2021" 2021 exhibition as part of a closed event dedicated to the presentation of the Community Russia magazine. The old mansion of Saltykov-Chertkov, Moscow 2021 Russian Art Prize. Moscow House of Artists. Moscow 2021 Exhibition Spring Awakening. Skolkovo Innovation Center. 2021 Exhibition "Flower Kingdom", Gallery of the Eurasian Art Union, Moscow, Moscow 2021 Russian Art Prize, Moscow House of Artists, Moscow 2021 Exhibition "Egypt through the eyes of Russian artists", Cleopatra Gallery, Cairo, Egypt 2021 London, Saatchi Gallery 2021 London, Furzrovia Gallery 2021 International Exhibition, Qatar 2021 Greece, Hotel Ammon Zeus 2021 Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, All-Russian Forum "Women of Russia - Together for a Healthy Future". 2021 Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion Week, Moscow

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