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About the artist Jure Kralj

A photographer from small a country of Slovenia, in love with in animals, landscapes, sport and art. I just started my photography career in late 2013, when I bought my first “camera” (iPod touch). When I started my journey, photo camera was like Star Wars technology to me. I am quick learner and I learned a lot on my own and with help of books and Youtube. Since then I started exploring the world with my best friend Nikon. Now I own quite an arsenal of equipment and I have lots of experiences and projects in my portfoliey, It makes me proud that I can say I have been exhibited 15+ times across Europe and my pieces were sold to 15 countries across the World. With all enthusiasm I can say that I became SIGMA ambassador which is really huge for me! Lately I fell in love with drone photography and videography. I just love to show you my world and what makes me happy!

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Festival Lent 2014 - Explore the city (Maribor, Slovenia) Group exhibition Styrian Technology park 2014 - Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia) Solo exhibition MKC Pekarna 2015 - Me (Maribor, Slovenia) Solo exhibition Velenje Park 2016 - Pixels of my world (Velenje, Slovenija) Solo exhibition Bled Water festival 2018 - Water Convention (Bled, Slovenija) Group exhibition Amsterdam 2018 - AmsterdAAMI (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Group exhibition Milano 2018 - AAMIlano (Milano, Italy) Group exhibition DriveIn Exhibition Maribor, Slovenia 2019; ArtExpo Slovenia 2019; Art Fair Maribor, Slovenia 2019; XX Celje Photography Exhibition 2019 – Celje Slovenija; Ljubljana, Slovenia 2020; Prague, Czech Republic 2021; Edinburgh, Scotland 2021; ChicagoUSA 2022; New York, Times Square USA 2023; Bali, Indonesia 2023 SIGMA Brand Ambasador XX. Celje Photography Contest – Diploma for best photograph in section Jury member OCEAN Photography contest – 5 14; Art GalleryJury member COVID Photography contest – 5 14 Art Gallery



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