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Jure Kralj

Artist from Slovenia

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 November 16th, 2018

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About the artist Jure Kralj

AS a photographer I started in late 2013 when I bought my first camera. Since then I can separate it from it. In last year I started to shoot Art photos, not just landscapes and architecture. Since that decision, I grow up as an artist and my mentality has changed. I just love to snap photos that consume some emotions and feelings that all people can relate to with their own stories. Besides all of my vision of the world and the knowledge, I have as a photographer I am a very socially responsible person. I am a volunteer in two organizations: Greenpeace and Community for protecting animals and their rights. Every artwork I sell I donate to nonprofit organizations. I just want to create a better world not just for me but for other who needs help.

Exhibitions of Jure Kralj

Festival Lent 2014 - Explore the city (Maribor, Slovenia) Group exhibition Styrian Technology park 2014 - Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia) Solo exhibition MKC Pekarna 2015 - Me (Maribor, Slovenia) Solo exhibition Velenje Park 2016 - Pixels of my world (Velenje, Slovenija) Solo exhibition Bled Water festival 2018 - Water Convention (Bled, Slovenija) Group exhibition Amsterdam 2018 - AmsterdAAMI (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Group exhibition Milano 2018 - AAMIlano (Milano, Italy) Group exhibition

Education of Jure Kralj

I personally do not possess final profession because I ended gymnasium and later did not finish Civil Engineering University. But I find that this even does not fit for me. I am too flexible and love freedom too much that be locked in the office for 8h per day. I am a self-taught photographer and that does me unique. I have my own style of shooting photos and vision of the world around me. At the moment I have much support from one of the biggest Ateliers from Slovenia which see potential in me. They gave me opportunities to start stepping up in international stages of art. I am also a member of their Salvador club.

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