Artist Julia Pavlenko

Julia Pavlenko

Artist from Ukraine

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 June 12th, 2020

About the artist Julia Pavlenko

Pavlenko Julia was born in 1987. in Slavyansk (Donetsk region). All my childhood I spent among the landscapes of the countryside. And warm and childish memories illuminate my work. always thought that I can’t draw, and talent opened unexpectedly and quickly. She began to study drawing and painting independently, following the examples of the works of Sakharov, Oleg Yurov. Now Julia lives and works in Kiev. Out of a great desire to draw, the artist gradually wakes up. Her pleasure, a hobby is acrylic painting, and recently she began acquaintance with oil painting. Hones his skills, learning from other artists. Julia’s work is a kind of illustration to stories not yet written, in which everyone can see something very personal, experience some special emotions from what he sees. Fantasy and reality, a fairy tale and a reality intertwine in them, evoking the fond memories that each of us has deep in our hearts. Warm and gentle, bright and deep shades will perfectly fit into any interior, as if reminding that even a baby blot can become a pretty flower. Her love of seascapes, sunsets, floral paintings, and fairy tales.

Exhibitions of Julia Pavlenko

The exhibition will only be held in Ukraine, the city of Kiev.

Education of Julia Pavlenko

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