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Juan Zíngaro Jean Michel Mouiren, known with his gypsy name Juan Zingaro, like all Gypsy artists never had access to the great schools of arts, but he grow up in a family of musical performers, dancers and stage actors, a broad artistic world in which art is the only way to get out of misery. He painted throughout his childhood, primarily on pieces of cardboard with industrial paint that was often left at the warehouses. Gypsies are generally musicians but he chose painting as a way of expression. His talent was quickly recognized by art patrons who offered him a studio and materials, so he could paint and not have to worry about anything. The success soon arrived and he received the help of the great masters of painting who helped him develop an international career, which led him to sell his paintings all over the world. He has works in the whole of France, as well as in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, England, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. One would describe him as a great wild artist.

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Background Information: 1998 - Realisation as performance of the fresco “Alhambra” on the floor of the Arena (bullring) of Arles, on a surface area of 1500 m². 2000 - Creation of the alternative suit of the matador « Morenito de Arles », inspired by Arab ornaments. In this occasion, he was hired by “Alejandro’s” tailoring in Madrid to design the originals suits for the greatest figures of tauromaquia. 2005 - Thanks to the help of the Master Fernando Botero, The Antioquia’s Museum in Medellin Colombia, host an exibition of the french Juan Zíngaro. 2006/2007 - The Monumental bullring of Mexico offers the Gypsy painter Juan Zíngaro, a framework commensurate with his talent, and he responded to this challenge by creating fifteen works of art for the « Temporada Grande » 2006 - 2007. Exhibitions: 1998 - Chapelle de la Charité - Arles - France 1999 - Chapelle de la Charité - Arles - France Beatrice Bonnard Gallery - Nîmes - France 2000 - Beatrice Bonnard Gallery - Nîmes - France 2001 - 2006 - Juan Zíngaro painted exclusively for his own gallery, located at number 12 of Calle del Prado in Madrid, for five years. 2006 - 2008 - For two years, Juan Zíngaro worked exclusively for the Tony Shafrazi’s Gallery in New York, the works of art are created in place, so the clients, converted into spectators, could witness the artist at work. It is under the influence of Tony Shafrazi, that Jean Michel Mouiren, starts using his gypsy name “Juan Zíngaro”. 2007 - Digigraphies Epson® - Epson published some series of digigraphics of the artist, so a larger audience could have access to his works.

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