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Jovanna Jáuregui


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 September 4th, 2021

About the artist Jovanna Jáuregui

Giovanna Jauregui received training in the plastic arts in Bolivia, Brazil, and the Netherlands. She defines herself as a nature lover in all its manifestations. She paints the flora and fauna of the Andean lands. Her work often challenges the traditional use of color. She intends to transmit to the viewer an emotional experience that can move the spirit. Apart from her work as an artist, she is also a lawyer, and has combined these roles to lead a crusade to defend the rights of woman within the plastic arts in Bolivia by helping open up spaces for artistic expression and exhibition that were not traditionally open for female plastic artists.

Exhibitions of Jovanna Jáuregui

2021, Exposición virtual “Com´ vida 20”, Recife - Brazil. 2020, Noviembre. Exposición colectiva “MAS QUE ARTE”, Cochabamba - Bolivia. 2020, Exposición individual. Recife - Brazil. 2020, Exposición colectivo de artistas brasileros “Com´ vida 20”, Recife - Brazil. 2019, Exposición Galería de arte "La Sombrerería", Sucre - Bolivia. 2018, Exposición Bodas de Oro ABAP Salón “Walter Terrazas”, Cochabamba - Bolivia. 2017, Exposición Salón “Gíldaro Antezana”, Cochabamba - Bolivia. 2009, Exposición "De Billt", The Netherlands. 2008, Exposición Organizada por Weabout Weakema en De Bilt, Holland. 2007, Exposición Pictórica en La Haya-Holanda, Bolivian Embassy - The Netherlands. 2006, Exposición Colectiva: Salón "Walter Terrazas", Cochabamba - Bolivia. 2005, Exposición: Salón "Cultura da Minha Terra", Porto de Galinas, Perambuco, Recife - Brazil.

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