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Josephine Popova

Artist from Ukraine

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 June 2nd, 2021

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About the artist Josephine Popova

My name is Josephine Popov. I was born in 1994 in a beautiful village in Ukraine, which is surrounded by the mountains of the Carpathians, and through which the river passes, it is called Beregomet. Just a few kilometers fr om my house there are forests wh ere there is fresh mountain air and you can meet a variety of animals, maybe that's why I like to paint nature. It was here, at the age of 7, that I decided that I wanted to become an artist and nothing else interested me anymore. I remember asking my mother for my birthday was nothing but gouache, then she took me to the largest art store nearby in the city, he made a fabulous impression on me. At school, during breaks, I always tried to draw something. There were many creative people in my family, but they worked with wood, made paintings out of it, or carved furniture, etc., and I was always fascinated by oil paintings on canvas. In Berehomet I graduated from general and art school. Then I moved to Chernivtsi to study at higher vocational art school. There I learned a lot of new and useful, such important subjects as perspective, painting, drawing, composition and more. I try to improve my artistic abilities every day. I will be grateful if you review my works and evaluate them. Thanks.

Education of Josephine Popova

- School of Arts, town Beregomet - Higher Vocational Art School № 5 (Painter), Chernivtsi

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