Artist José Vicente Mascarell

José Vicente Mascarell

Artist from Spain

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 November 27th, 2018

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About the artist José Vicente Mascarell

After completed his Doctoral Courses, José Vicente Cascales Mascarell ( Valencia, 1976 ) celebrated his first solo exhibition in 2002 and, from then, he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in different cities as Dallas, Madrid, Barcelona, Seoul or Milano, between another. With a deciced brushstroke directed by an unusual technique in a painter of so young age, we have enjoyed the most original valencian light. He destroys the hardness of contours and builds something beyond the merely aesthetic, and becomes every sample " a trip diary ", which he turns it to a secret with his personal and convincing vision. Every picture is a part of him, a set of feelings that escape uncontrollable in a bold and vibrant brushstroke with emotion and sensation, a few experiences which Cascales gives shape.

Exhibitions of José Vicente Mascarell

2018. Arimany Gallery. Tarragona. Spain Mar Art Gallery. Barcelona. Spain 2017. Pizarro Gallery. Valencia. Spain Mar Art Gallery. Barcelona. Spain Terraferma Gallery. Lérida. Spain 2016. Sha Wellness Clinic. L' Albir. Alicante. Spain SH Valencia Palace Hotel. Valencia. Spain 2015. LuminArte Fine Art Gallery. Dallas - TX -. United States Segrelles Gallery. Valencia. Spain Salduba Gallery. Zaragoza. Spain 2014. Art Collect Irán. Teherán. Irán 2013. Asia Hotel Art Fair AHAF 2013. Conrad Hotel Seoul. South Korea

Education of José Vicente Mascarell

Fine Arts Degree. University of Valencia ( Spain ) 1999. Doctoral Courses in Drawing Department, University of Valencia ( Spain ) 2000. Erasmus Grant for the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice ( Italy ) 1998.

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