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About the artist Jose Hidalgo

At present, my art work is based on the balance between unknown and uncontrollable chaos and geometry, perspective, order, harmony, equilibrium and the beauty of color. The work explores the relationship between the light and form, colors and textures. I first internalize this fusion and re-codification in a playful process in order to generate a language of personal communication that is filled with aesthetic and dreamlike sensations. This enables me to express the fears and misgivings that humankind faces today. My works reflect the contrast of a chaotic and visually-contaminated world with the purity of natural beauty.

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Art Miami - Miami, FL 51st Venetia Biennale - Pavilion Arts Mart, Venetia Institute of Contemporary of Art - London, UK “Asalto al cielo” International Festival of Video Art - Barcelona, Spain European Art Media Festival, Hamburg, Germany International Art Fair - Hamburg, Germany 9th Biennale de la Habana - Havana, Cuba ¨La casa está imposible¨. (Lo inhabitable) 8th Bienal de la Habana - Havana, Cuba “Medio y Fin¨ Public Performance - Burgos, Spain ¨La Trampa¨. Public Performance - Burgos, Spain ¨Quien bien te quiere, no te hará llorar.” Art Against Gender Violence - Burgos, Spain


Fine Artist - painting, sculpture, engraving, print, installation and multimedia work A professional artist with an extensive and recognized work in countries like Spain, US, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

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