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José Garcia, a passionate artist, began his artistic journey three years ago, although this passion has always flowed in his veins. From his childhood, he devoted himself to artistic creation by drawing and painting with unwavering fervor. In 2000, José found a unique source of inspiration while riding the daily bus. During these journeys, he captured the essence of the passengers, creating spontaneous portraits of the anonymous people sharing the same route. These ephemeral sketches were often interspersed with the real faces of those who boarded, creating a fusion between art and reality. José stands out for his unconventional approach to artistic creation. His inspirations emerge fluidly and spontaneously, without being linked to daily life. At dawn or dusk, he approaches his easel and brings abstract shapes to life, then lets them rest to return to another canvas started days or even weeks before. His creativity is fluid, devoid of any rigidity or temporal constraints. If one had to define his painting, the only constant element would be the dazzling use of color. José has an unconditional love for mixing hues, creating visually captivating and vibrant works. Painting is for him a precious escape, a way of freeing himself from a demanding daily routine. José Garcia began exploring his artistic talent as a child, but then turned to music, temporarily putting his brushes aside. However, destiny led him back to his passion when, before the real pandemic, he signed up for a painting workshop. The global health crisis marked a decisive turning point, giving him the time he needed to devote himself fully to art. Since 2020, José has created more than 120 paintings, an artistic bulimia that persists today. He invites you to discover some of his exceptional works, taken from his vast catalog. His inexhaustible creativity is a celebration of life, color and artistic freedom.

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Quote from Pablo Picasso: A painting only lives through the person who looks at it.


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Consider exhibitions for the year 2024. I am open to any suggestions and proposals that may arise.


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