Artist Jeffrey L. Schult

Jeffrey L. Schult

Artist from United States

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 October 8th, 2019

About the artist Jeffrey L. Schult

I have always been drawn to the absolute beauty of nature. Whether it is the muted hues and subdued light of dawn or the vibrant colors and impending darkness that falls over the land at sunset intensifying the colors found around us. The quiet lake or pond with the serenity it affords surrounded by a garden of colors in its reflections or the wild flowers that encircle it. The expansive skies and clouds that float in more than just blue skies but have a wide range of unseen colors that when mixed together create a wonderful peaceful backdrop to more than just white clouds. The majestic mountains adorned with snow or trees of all styles and colors and the wooded areas rich in shadow and light. I use many colors and varying hues in my paintings even if it is just a hillside. It is never in my mind just tones or hues of green but mixed in are the many colors not often associated with a green grassy scene. I add colors that the eye can’t always see individually in the blades of grass or the clouds or sky but are part of the make up of nature and blend to make for a richer feeling. I majored in music and taught as well and have written 8 symphonies and hundreds of songs but my painting education came from studying the artists that I found inspiring from the masters to those contemporaries of today’s art scene. I am basically self taught in that sense but learned from those who walked the path before me or beside me. I believe all have these God given talents it is just waiting to be discovered. When I paint I paint from memories of scenes I have visited or from a combination of areas but all are meant to evoke a feeling of beauty, peace, wonderment, or just a moment to reflect on the wonderful world of nature which reflects God and his universe and its lasting impact on us all.

Exhibitions of Jeffrey L. Schult

I have limited exposure in the market for my paintings...I have done commissions for friends and associates and other individuals I have met in my line of work that expressed and interest in collecting some of my work. I do not have a a history of exhibiting as it has not been my pursuit until now.

Education of Jeffrey L. Schult

I have not received formal training in painting but was major in Music Education and Performance. I have a Bachelors Degree in that field and have written over 350 songs and 8 Symphonies and performed for most of my life. My training in art was a self taught experience as my father was an artist as well as a teacher and I picked up from him the desire and then studied artist of the past and present and worked from that point to develop my style.

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