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Jason Kimble

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About the artist Jason Kimble

An award winning Tattoo artist of thirty years, Jason Kimble, who signs his work in a stylized Mistyr E, has experienced the art world through a many varied lens. Having a great love for comic books, his art has always had an illustrative and cartoonists bent. He calls his work "Visual Confectionery" in consideration of its whimsical delivery...as he sees it. Born in 1970, in Denver Colorado, Jason grew up in the high plains of Wyoming where he began his fascination with Comics and spent a great deal of time skiing and skipping school in lieu of hitting the slopes and drawing a multitude of characters. Jason Kimble has an eclectic portfolio ranging from Vi's Violet Vision for The Trail of Painted Ponies, originally a Santa Fe Public Works project, the Stan Sakai, Yosagi Yojimbo charity book, various comics to Star Wars: black and white, and The Mirage era Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as The Walking Dead for Topps. Mr. Kimble is working on a number projects for publication and will be announcing them as they become relevant.

Exhibitions of Jason Kimble

None at this time.

Education of Jason Kimble

Though mainly a self-taught artist, Jason Kimble is always learning, striving to become a better visual storyteller with each peace. College played a big role in Jason's art direction, though graduation was never to be a reality, attending four schools at various times from 1990-2006, though he did win the Dean's Award at the University of Wyoming in 2001 for his paintings exhibited at the student art show. Tattooing daily as a professional for thirty years has offered Jason a real opportunity to learn how to complete his work with in time constraints as well as learn valuable lessons in the commercial art spectrum. At the end of his day he wants to create memorable art that tell good tales.

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