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Abstract and Representational Artist. Diploma in Art and Design Fine Arts Degree (Hons) Sculpture Practicing creative artist using oils, mixed media and graphite pencil. Some compositions are digitally manipulated. Some compositions are abstract and some representational. Subject matter is diverse to suit different individual taste. In Jacqueline’s words, she always likes to challenge herself and her work is always experimentational. She likes to think of her work as unique and delights in the viewer’s appreciation of her completed pieces. She says ‘art is a journey whereby one never arrives at a destination. It is a complex journey with incorrect turnings, losing your way then finding your way again, only to get lost again!! However when you finally arrive, there is an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and pride and you know the journey has been worthwhile’.

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Never give up, expect hurdles and overcome them, have faith and belief in yourself. Always challenge yourself and give yourself goals. Keep going, be positive, be strong!! Eradicate self doubt.


Arundel Gallery Trail - yearly Pallet House Gallery Exhibition


Diploma in Art and Design Fine Arts Degree (Hons) Sculpture

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