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Greetings to you, art lovers! My name is Ivan Zhukov, I was born and grew up in Ukraine, the city of Kharkov. Ukraine is a picturesque land, and I felt it from my childhood on the endless fields, flower meadows are forever in my memory. The scent of flower fields, the views of rivers and lakes are today inspired by associative inspiration. This is what brings me back to the desire to create the beautiful and shares it with others. We are created in the image of God the creator, which means we have a desire to create from birth and realizing ourselves in this, we partly justify our existence and feel satisfaction and happiness. For inspiration, I leave for the village and admire the nature of untouched landscapes. I also look through and study the works of both old and modern artists. In fact, anything can inspire. I can be set up to work by the call of an old friend, whom I have not seen for many years or the bright sun in the middle of winter, and sometimes it's just a passing glance of a person walking past ... Since my childhood, I loved drawing to confirm this were not only home albums, but also school notebooks, diaries and desks)))). He studied as a teenager from a private teacher of the artist, as well as from academic books (the lesson is not very fun), but extremely useful. In contrast to previous years, modern children learn a lot through visual effects. From an early age, children are exposed to computers, tablets and smartphones, and they acquire knowledge using the touch screen faster than they begin to speak. That is why art is a very significant factor for the development of a child. It teaches children how to interpret, criticize and use the visual information they perceive, and form their own opinions and feelings in relation to certain phenomena in life. Therefore, today a personal contribution to art is needed more than ever before. Art makes us more human. Being able to appreciate art, a person gets the opportunity to develop: to pursue creativity, put up with diversity, to achieve emotional balance. Selling his paintings to any artist is a recognition of his skills and talent. Real confirmation of the correctness of the chosen path. Sometimes the authors insist that sales are not the main thing, but it is not. Ultimately, any sale of the painting is to the benefit of his creative growth. But the artist is especially pleased if his paintings are bought by foreign connoisseurs of painting. And the larger and more developed the country from which the buyer comes, the more pleasant. The artist understands that his connoisseur has a huge selection of local paintings offered by the developed, well-established market in Europe or the USA, but still prefers his painting. Agree, it is very nice ... JAG chose because of sympathy for the site and its content, as well as positive reviews inspire confidence. I would like to cooperate with you. Successes in your business, with respect, Ivan.

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