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Ivan Horobchuk

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About the artist Ivan Horobchuk

Ivan Horobchuk is an artist member of the National Union of Folk Artists of Ukraine and the National Union of Artist of Ukraine and, since 2009, a holder of the Honourable Folk Artist title. He was born on December 17, 1957, in the village of Monchyn, Vinnytsia Region. Working since 1998, Ivan Horobchuk has become one of the leading Ukrainian artists in the realm of folk art, in particular in icon painting. One of the major characters in his works is Kozak Mamay, a national hero. The paintings devoted to Ukrainian country life depict holidays and traditional lifestyle of Podillia citizens. Ivan Horobchuk is the winner of the Traditions Parade International Festival of Painting and Graphic Art in the city of Kharkiv. He was had more than thirty individual exhibitions in Vinnytsia, Kyiv and Kharkiv. He regularly takes part in regional and national exhibitions, including the Kozak Mamay Exhibition in Baturyn. The artist represented Podillian arts in Lodz and Kielce, Poland. He also participates in folk art plein air events. Ivan Horobchuk's works are on display in the Culture Fund, the Junior Academy of Arts of Ukraine, the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco (USA), the Vinnytsia Region Museum of Local History, Heritage and Nature, and in private collections in America, France, Germany, Israel, etc.

Exhibitions of Ivan Horobchuk

Throughout his career, the artist has organized more than thirty solo exhibitions. Some of them: 1) "Breath of city streets" - 2002, Vinnitsa; 2) "Seasons" - 2003, Vinnitsa; 3) "Duet after the rain" - 2005, Vinnitsa, Kyiv (Culture Fund); 4) "Folk painting in mise-en-scene", Vinnitsa; 5) "At the call of the heart" - 2007, Vinnitsa; 6) "Spirituality and the artist" - 2008, Vinnitsa; 7) "Cossack Mamai" - 2009, Vinnitsa; 8) "Vinnitsa autographs" - 2009, Kharkov (gallery "Maestro"); 9) "Folk Painting" - 2010, Kyiv (gallery "Gryphon"); 10) "Folk motives" - 2010, Kyiv ("Russian Center for Science and Culture") 11) "Icon painting from the workshop of I. Gorobchuk" - 2010, Vinnytsia (OTsNT); 12) "Icon painting" - 2010-2011, Kyiv (Sofia Kyiv); 13) "Folk Painting" - 2011, Kyiv (NSMNIU); etc, . At the beginning of 2019, another solo exhibition is planned at the Regional Center for Folk Art in the city of Vinnitsa.

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