Artist Iva Rom

Iva Rom

Artist from Ukraine

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at Jose Art Gallery since
 May 20th, 2019

About the artist Iva Rom

Thanks to everyone who appreciated my work. I prefer do this without loud public galleries. I mainly use my art for personal pleasure and for charity if I have to help my relatives or friends. I am not rich, like many artists, because I spend a lot of money for my pleasure like oil colors or brushes and free master classes for kids. Living alone with my cat and we travel together to different countries where we revel in nature and new sensations. Where we can stop and create my new art. When I start working with a new picture, I see its continuation in my dreams when I sleep. If a work is ordered for someone a certain color scheme for this person comes to me in a dream. In this way, I receive plots and color schemes that are necessary for this person. My customers call these works "a picture for good luck".

Exhibitions of Iva Rom

Usually my works were sold without reaching an art gallery, so I'm new on this site.

Education of Iva Rom

Art school, art college.

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